Thursday, December 28, 2017

Just as a heads-up, updates might be a little scarce for a bit. I got a book illustration job that I'm really excited about, and it's going to be pretty extensive.

I'll see what projects I can sneak in during my spare time, though. :) (Thankfully I have a sizable backlog of stuff to submit to the Neopian Times.)

My current project - the My Little Pony fanfic - is now on hold, but I can pick it back up any time. I've been having a blast writing the main characters of the show, and I hope this story evokes the spirit of the show well. It also provides some good closure for Radiant Dawn as she enters a new chapter in her life. Hopefully future canon material won't explicitly say there are no other alicorns besides what's shown in canon, because after this story, Ray's existence is no longer secret. And I can be very pedantic about making sure my fanfic lines up correctly with canon.

Ah well--the ball's in the canon writers' court now. And I'm sure if future material contradicts my fics, I'll find some way to weasel around it. (Like how I made Yuezhi work in my Neopets fics when we learned that Kaia is the only known faerie from Shenkuu.)

Anyway, going to have tons of fun with this illustration project!


  1. Wait, so what happened to Ad Infinitum?

    1. Ad Infinitum is published! :) I just changed the name to On Borrowed Wings because my editor pointed out that "Ad Infinitum" was a little arbitrary.

      You can buy it here: (digital download) (print edition)


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