Thursday, August 31, 2023


I went ahead and used Canva to make a version of the cover of Earthkeepers with some cleaner text design! This version will go live for both ebook and print versions very soon.

This coincides with some minor revisions I made on Earthkeepers that also should go live soon. It's nothing majorly plot-changing--mostly it's just a bit of fixing the prose and a few added conversations to clarify some things. 

It's kinda funny how you can publish a novel and think it's pretty much perfect, and then you come back to it two years later and think "wow this is a mess". #authorproblems

Thursday, July 20, 2023


Lately I've been playing way too much Cookie Run (both OvenBreak and Kingdom), and besides awesome gameplay, I love the great character design (and lovable characters)! They are very fun to reimagine as humans. Cream Puff Cookie is one of my favorites. She's adorable.

I took a dragon-girl character I created in high school and turned her into a gargoyle because it just seemed to work.