Neopets fanfiction

 For quite some years, I wrote stories and articles for the fan-submission publication The Neopian Times on the virtual pet website Neopets, under the username cosmicfire918. I grew way too emotionally invested in my core cast and couldn't stop writing about them, even after I stopped playing the website.

Now you can follow the (mis)adventures of a quirky human girl and her eclectic family of Neopets as they save the world, help Werelupes, and play tabletop RPGs. I've also included a few fics that don't directly have anything to do with the core cast, but that still fit within the lore I established.

Stories are listed in chronological order of writing and in my opinion are best enjoyed in that order. (Please note that this collection is not complete and I am currently in the long, gradual process of putting all noteworthy fics up on this blog.)

Draik Expectations (2013)

Pharazon has always idolized the brilliant minds at Brightvale University and dreamed of attending, and now he's going for his dreams. He's even met a very nice sorceress who wants to help him apply to the school, and who definitely doesn't have any ulterior motives at all.

Worth Fighting For (2013)

Hyren is the mutant Grundo commander of Dr. Sloth's planetary invasion corps, as feared as he is fearless. But after the Battle of Sakhmet, betrayal by a fellow commander leaves Hyren stranded on Neopia. Desperate to return to the stars and to Sloth's favor, Hyren runs into a teenage human and her pet Zafara, and the three have an adventure that will change their lives forever.

That Great Hunger (2014)

Isengrim is achingly hungry for an owner's care--something he should have gotten in the beginning, but was deprived of by his irresponsible creator. Now a Werelupe, hardened by long years of enduring hatred and misunderstanding, he believes the only way to get what one wants is to take it.

Twenty-Four Hours (2014)

On the 25th of Hiding, Year 6, a cosmic joke was played on an unsuspecting Neopia. However, for one Grundo who's been missing his lost clout, Mutant Day is a miracle. But will it distract him from the things that matter to him most?

Worth Searching For (2014)

When Terra and Pharazon are abducted, Hyren and Blynn make a search for them--one that forces Hyren to once more cross blades with an old foe. Meanwhile, Terra discovers that the monster from her nightmares struggles with nightmares of his own--and Pharazon learns that some monsters take the guise of a friendly face and an easy way out.

Roll for Initiative (2014)

Hyren's looking forward to spending a rainy day playing the Neoquest pen-and-paper game with his family... but then an unexpected guest joins the party. Can Isengrim learn the ropes of Neoquest, and can the two keep from stepping on each other's toes too badly?

Dances With Werelupes (2014)

Terra and Isengrim are going to the Chocolate Ball, but Isengrim isn't used to the whole "trying to get along with society" thing. Thankfully, Terra's there to help him out--which especially comes in handy when he runs into an old enemy. But can she handle her own anxieties at the same time?

Never Again, Spiced Apple Pie (2016)

Commander Hyren is bored stiff on Omicron Station. So the universe very kindly hands him a disaster.

Unbreakable Bonds (2016)

The fateful day has finally come--Terra is going to create her very own Neopet and best friend. But can she handle the responsibility? Maybe friendship isn't about shouldering all the weight yourself.

Wildsong (2016)

In the Haunted Woods, Balthazar runs into some old friends--Lord Isengrim and his Werelupe pack. As they try to understand each other's position on letting in the wild, they are suddenly faced with what happens when the wild takes over completely.

Create Your Own Adventure (2016)

Hyren's writing a NeoAdventure--wait, what?! Since when does Hyren write? Since he's decided to take all of his military experience and cram it into one harrowing NeoAdventure that will make grown men cry. Or... laugh, apparently.

Farewell to Lynwood (2016)

Lynwood School for Girls does not like Suhel Caradoc, and the feeling is mutual. Can Suhel work up the nerve to fight the school's expectations and discover her own path in life?

A Hiccough in Time (2018)

Three hundred years ago, the shadow of King Skarl's greed rears its ugly head to seek what was wrongly taken--and seek retribution. Faced with a crisis that threatens to consume the entire Meridell region, King Hagan and Master Seradar turn to time magic to summon help from another era yet to be.

The Toymaker (2018)

One Giving Day, the Darigan Citadel's resident toymaker reflects on his past, his present, and why he does what he does.