Monday, January 1, 2018

I finished that MLP fic! Whoo! Hooray for late-night writing binges! Pro life tip: when you're bored, do something productive. You won't be bored anymore--and you'll have done something!

This story came out to about 15,000 words long. I like it because it brings my previous three Radiant Dawn stories full-circle. It also explores the role of alicorns a little, and discusses Princess Celestia's character a bit.

It was also a lot of fun to write the show's main characters. They were all enjoyable to write--I like just watching their group dynamic play out.

Also, I seem to write magic a lot. I guess because it's so much fun to describe, although it gets challenging sometimes to come up with descriptions that aren't trite or repetitive.

As for what's next--well, I'm still working on that illustration project, so depending on how quickly I hear back from my client as I get work to her, I may or may not have the time/energy for more writing. I do, however, have a plot outline drafted for another story about my Pokemon OC Professor Magnolia, and I'm excited to work on this one. It takes some ideas from Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon as well as some character arcs that I feel weren't fully resolved in the games. Should be fun.

The fourth and final part of "Giving Day at Black Keep" should be showing up in the Neopian Times this coming Friday! I'm not sure what I'm going to submit next. Illusen Day is March 17, which seems too far off for me to hold off on submitting anything until then (or at least two weeks from then). But I've been juggling so many other things lately that I may just give myself a break from submissions for a couple of months. Plus, "The Shadow of Takeryuu" is nine parts, so I figure that will more than make up for a brief absence in the Times.

I should probably go to sleep now.

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