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Blue Diver

It's the year 2081, and Auva Vindemiatrix Cameron doesn't think she'll ever do anything great. She failed her test pilot's exam, so instead she's headed to the Moon to make a quiet living as a cargo transporter like her parents wanted.

But the universe has other plans. Auva's shuttle is caught in a freak warp entanglement accident, and during the disentangling process, Auva mistakenly ends up on the other craft instead--a spaceship full of aliens. In the Andromeda Galaxy. Or as they call it, Challinor.

Auva can barely get her bearings before the ship is attacked by mysterious assailants, and she quickly puts her skills to the test piloting a PT, an enormous combat mech, in order to defend herself.

Then she discovers the ship's crew have been lying to her--they're actually space pirates being tailed by the galactic police. Despite discovering a talent for PT piloting, or "diving", Auva is definitely in over her head and she has no idea how to get back to Earth.

But space pirates are the least of the Challinor Empire's worries, in the midst of both a war against an invading warrior species, and unsettling glitches in spacetime which are causing the warp issues that brought Auva to Challinor.

Soon Auva learns that the fate of both Challinor and her own galaxy rest on the shoulders of those brave enough to journey to Challinor's central black hole and try to set things right in the fabric of spacetime. And accompanied by a cast of quirky companions to back her up, Auva might be just the Diver the Local Group needed all along.