Thursday, December 20, 2018

I have been painting pets for people!

The first two were commissions from a client, and I had so much fun that I extended the offer on the Facebook group for my local collection of congregations of my church. I thought they all turned out really nicely, so I wanted to share them here too!

I am really enjoying the watercolor tools in Painter! Sometimes I feel like I should be concentrating more on realistic-style painting, but something about ink and wash is so relaxing.

If you're wondering about that big, "different" project I teased a few posts ago, I am still working on it off and on. Life has me pretty busy right now, and of course paid jobs like this take priority. But it's slowly but surely coming together!

And my proofreader has not yet been able to get around to Voyage of the Kaus Media, but I think she is almost done with her current project and then my manuscript is next!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sketch painting of Radnama I did at church. I like the idea of male Noblirim having "facial hair" made of fleshy tendrils. It tends to grow thicker and longer as they age, although the specific appearance differs among individuals. Radnama is in the Noblirim equivalent of his late 20's, so he only has a small beard, but the ancient Menketi elders have full beards and moustaches.