Thursday, December 21, 2017

I felt guilty, so here are some sketches! :) Yay for guilt trips!

That piece in the upper right is me poking fun at my own writing process for On Borrowed Wings. When I started writing the first draft years ago, I set out to make it a very serious, deep drama that tackled profound ideas about personal growth and human potential. When I decided to finish it, I realized that that approach was boring, so instead now it's about obsessions with spicy chicken ramen and discussions of the characters' favorite MLB teams.

(Pro writing tip: Have fun with your writing! It makes the whole process more enjoyable.)

Poor Hyren. My first attempts at making up a cool backstory for him when I was 14 didn't go so great. I like the backstory I've settled on now, though. Grumpy ex-space-marines are the best.

Slight redesign of a Digimon I made up some years ago. Maybe someday I'll make her into an original character. Mostly I just love those dino feet. More things need dino feet.

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