Sunday, November 12, 2017

Which "The Shadow of Takeryuu" character are you?

(I still don't have any art. I did some doodles in church but they are mostly things like crown-group chordates and a thylacline, nothing too polished. Maybe I'll upload some later I dunno.)

While my awesome beta reader looks over “The Shadow of Takeryuu”, I thought it would be fun to put together a little personality quiz for ya’ll! Pick the answers that match you the best, tally up how much of each letter you get, and the results will tell you who your ancient Shenkuuvian doppelganger is!

As a child, what was your relationship with your siblings like? (If you are an only child, think about your relationship with your cousins.)

A) I was extremely generous and kind to them, always trying to be a peacemaker.
B) We weren’t super close, but I like to think we got along well.
C) We got in a lot of arguments, but they knew I always had their back.
D) I liked to be in charge, whether or not my siblings agreed with the idea.

How did/do you prepare for tests in school?

A) Study diligently, although I’m still super nervous come testing time.
B) I don’t stress too much about it. I’ll be happy if I pass the test; I don’t necessarily have to ace it.
C) Get distracted with other things and forget about the test until the last minute—and then it’s cram time.
D) I study, but not too hard. I’m confident I’ll do well even without studying.

What is your dream car?

A) Something environmentally friendly.
B) A big pickup truck. With a train horn!
C) An SUV with plenty of room for my friends/family.
D) A sleek sports car that oozes prestige.

Are you more of an outdoorsy or indoors person?

A) I like nature, but I also like my creature comforts. So a little of both, I guess?
B) Being outdoors helps me clear my mind. I could probably stay outside indefinitely.
C) I’m a very active person, so I’ll say I prefer the outdoors more.
D) Honestly, the vastness and unpredictability of nature makes me feel powerless, and I don’t like that, so I’m most comfortable indoors where I feel like I have more control over my situation.

How do you think you’d do serving in the military?

A) Horribly. I’m a very peaceful and sweet-natured person, and the military is much too harsh for me.
B) Not well at all—I’m too much of an individual and I hate being told what to do.
C) I’m pretty argumentative, so I’d probably clash with my superior officers a lot, but otherwise I think I’d do well.
D) I would excel; I’m naturally inclined toward that kind of thing anyway.

How outwardly emotional are you?

A) I’m a very private person; I only open up with my emotions to those close to me.
B) While I’m usually rather guarded with my emotions, if something riles me up enough, I make sure everyone knows.
C) I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not afraid to let everyone know how I feel.
D) I work hard not to display my emotions. People can too easily take advantage of them.

Which member of the Fellowship of the Ring do you most relate to?

A) Aragorn: wise, driven, level-headed, prone to anxiety and self-doubt
B) Gandalf: solitary, sometimes temperamental, world-weary, compassionate
C) Samwise: loyal, stubborn, protective, down-to-earth
D) Boromir: ambitious, accomplished, proud, multilayered

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A) Actually, I’m more of a bird person.
B) Dog person all the way.
C) Cat person.
D) I like cats, but I’m more into big cats.

On a trip to the mall, where’s the first place you go?

A) Someplace relaxing, like Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works.
B) The food court, of course.
C) Wherever’s first on my shopping list. I’m practical like that.
D) The most expensive clothes stores. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing last season’s fashions.

What would your job be in the Old West?

A) The resident priest/nun or a Native American medicine man/woman, providing help and guidance to others.
B) Lone cowboy, just doing my own thing out on the range.
C) A sharpshooting sheriff who brings outlaws to justice.
D) The officer in charge of the local military outpost.

Ready to see who you’re most like?

Mostly A’s: You are Eun-ji the faerie Vandagyre! Peaceful, gentle, and kind, you are nonetheless no pushover, as you will fight ferociously for a good cause. Your shy, quiet nature makes it difficult for you to open up to most people, but when you find someone you click with, you are a devoted friend. Really the only thing limiting you is yourself, as you may find it difficult to have enough self-confidence to see what others see in you.

Mostly B’s: You are Ganzorig the Tyrannian Lupe! Life may not have been kind to you, so you’ve put up all sorts of defenses so you don’t get hurt again. Still, when you let people into your life, you are a loving and doting friend who is fiercely protective. Although you may like to give off a certain aura of intimidation so no one tries to mess with you, you are not overly concerned with appearances, and as such are much wiser than you look—and much nicer, too.

Mostly C’s: You are Min the eventide Aisha! You are an unabashed crusader who won’t let go of any cause worth fighting for. You hold your family, your homeland, and any other group you identify with near and dear to your heart, and you would gladly do anything for them. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice and debate those opinions with others, and call them out when you feel they’re being stupid. But it’s all because you care.

Mostly D’s: You are Wai Ren the relic Kougra! Power is what’s most important to you, whether that’s feeling in control of a situation or having authority over others. This may be due to deep hurts in your past, however, and at your core you are a rather different person: kindhearted, caring, and sensitive. Either way, you are a formidable foe due to your strategic mind and tenacity.

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