Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I finished "The Shadow of Takeryuu"! Whoo! 27,000 words across 9 parts--not too shabby!

To celebrate, I'll reveal the players behind the characters in the Neoquest campaign this story was based on. It's not too much of a spoiler, anyway, because the precursor short story I submitted to the Neopian Times today pretty much gives it away. :)

- Eun-ji is played by Terra, because Terra is really bad at playing characters who are not like herself. (Fun fact: when the real-life Terra plays D&D-type games, she usually plays as a paladin or a monk.)

- Ganzorig is played by Isengrim. I'll bet you never saw that one coming. :) Isengrim has a thing for always playing Lupe characters who either are Werelupes or end up greatly resembling Werelupes. Technically, due to current restrictions for Neopian Times submissions (Neopets cannot be more than one color simultaneously), Ganzorig is a Tyrannian Lupe, albeit a very large and strong one (which, if more recent site artwork for Sabre-X is any indication, may be the norm for Tyrannian Lupes anyway). But I can't help but feel like Isengrim feels that Ganzorig is kind of a Werelupe. I mean, it does sort of make sense if we're following my headcanon that Lupes can turn into Werelupes simply by going feral. Maybe Ganzorig is a Tyrannian Lupe who had started down the path to Werelupedom? Okay, let's go with that.

- Celice plays Min, and you can tell because their personalities are kind of similar. In the short story, it's explained that Celice created a character who is a physical combatant because the Lupe sorceress wanted to try the whole weapons thing for a change.

- Hyren plays Wai Ren... no, I didn't purposely make their names rhyme, but I like it. :) Hyren based the Kougra general heavily on himself, or at least who he used to be as an officer in the Virtupets military. He likes characters he can relate to.

Everyone else is played by Blynn, the Questmaster. Yuezhi is a real ("real") faerie, though--see an earlier blog post for details on that. :)

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