Thursday, November 9, 2017

Today's writing notes:

I started work on a short story about Xandra today! Not that she's a particularly favorite character of mine, but I just had such a fun idea for her backstory, as well as a way to sneak in some headcanon about Neopian history. Muwahaha.

In non-Neopets-related news, I've been tossing around ideas for a novel that takes place in the countryside of late 18th-century England, where a member of the gentry uses the family fortune to design and build clockwork giant robots. It'll be like Pride and Prejudice, but with robots! Hey, if somebody can add zombies to Pride and Prejudice, I see no reason why I can't add robots to Georgian England! Muwahaha again.

But first I think I want to write that novel about reanimated dinosaur fossils in the Midwest and the human subrace that Frankenstein's monster Prometheus and his wife started. And also possibly robots.

(I swear so many things I write come back to robots. Well, I don't think they're being written about enough, is the thing!)

I've got another idea for a novel that takes place in an English seaside resort village, buuuuut I don't know enough about those yet, so clearly my only recourse is to go take a holiday at the seaside. Anybody want to fund that? Also corgis, I need to research corgis by cuddling lots of them. Simple requests, really.

(I know, this blog is called T. Arispe's Art and T. Arispe is not doing a lot of art right now. It comes and goes. I just couldn't resist the alliterative title.)

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