Saturday, November 25, 2017

Today's writing notes:

My editor finished "Neoquest: The Shadow of Takeryuu"! She says it looks really good! Like I mentioned before, though, I'll likely wait until after Illusen Day to submit it. At any rate, that will be more realistic because if the Neoquest campaign started in November, waiting a few months will give the campaign time to finish. :) My Neopian Times stories happen in real time, after all! (Or at least as close to real time as I can manage with those longer series.) (Also not counting the stuff that happens in flashbacks and/or ancient Neopia and/or Neoquest campaigns.)

Also, I was just having so much fun writing everybody in this Giving Day short story that, uh, it's not a short story anymore. This always happens! Oh well. I also need more words for that NaNo event, so this is helping, because I'm seriously running low on things to write. I never thought I'd have this problem. Well, after this event I'll likely take a nice break from writing for a bit (especially since I'll hopefully be working on edits to The Voyage of the Kaus Media soon).

Anyway, hopefully this story won't be too depressing, as it's basically about Celice learning how to handle her slightly dysfunctional family better. It's meant to have a message about how even if your family is struggling, you can still take care of yourself and you can get the emotional fulfillment you need from your friends.

But also it is about fun Giving Day festivities, so hopefully that's nice too.

I leave you with this part that I particularly enjoyed:

Isengrim patted her shoulder. “You just focus on having an enjoyable Giving Day for yourself,” he said. “I happen to know from personal experience that Werelupes make excellent distractions.”

Isengrim has mellowed out quite a bit since his first few appearances in my writing... but he's still Isengrim.

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