Earthkeepers: The Sequel to Skydwellers


Published in 2021

Miette is on her last summer holiday before she’ll have to devote her full time to work at the strict Institute for Advanced Intellect, trying to prove a mathematical conjecture that has stumped researchers for centuries.

But for now, she just wants to have fun with her best friends.

Then Miette and her friends discover a gateway into the center of their planet. And there lies the city of Great Engine, and the incredible truth behind the history of their world and the nature of its mysterious Aether Sea.

But the Institute’s power-hungry headmistress gets wind of their discovery and wants to take the secrets of Great Engine for herself—by force, if necessary.

With the help of some unusual allies, can Miette and her friends save their world and defend what lies beneath its surface?

This stand-alone sequel to Skydwellers will take you from the depths of the planet up to its skies, on a fun-filled adventure about friendship, choosing your own path in life, and adorable robots.

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Praise for Earthkeepers:

"Jam-packed with action, adventure, interesting characters, fascinating locations, mysteries, and suspense, this book is a delight to read." - Amazon reviewer

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