The Voyage of the Kaus Media


Published in 2019

Angela thought she’d never amount to anything. Then she got pulled into a fantasy world and learned she was the subject of prophecy, with the power to end a centuries-long global war—by helping one nation wipe out the others. Every nation wants her on their side, but Angela hates the idea of destroying anybody.

Clearly something has gone very wrong on Zabetha, a planet of draconic warriors, flying battleships, and gigantic combat mechs. Can Angela fix it by doing the unthinkable and start sticking up for herself? Can she help the crew of the Kaus Media unravel the mysteries that lurk in the shadows of their world’s past?

This sweeping adventure will take you to the far corners of a colorful steampunkish fantasy world as Angela learns the value of good friends and her own inner worth.

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Praise for The Voyage of the Kaus Media:

"Get ready for epic battle scenes, excellent characters, and a journey that will grip you until the very end." - Amazon reviewer

"It will pull in anyone who reads it." - Melissa, Amazon reviewer

"A very thought out, interesting, fantastic world with a great and mysterious history built around the main plot." - Tate, Goodreads reviewer

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