Thunder Girl


Thunder Girl (2019)

All Cat wanted was an ordinary summer internship at the American Museum of Natural History. But when the fossils on display command her to use an ancient amulet to restore balance to the sacred lands out West, she and her robot companion Hermes find themselves journeying across an alternate-history 1890’s America to set things right in the Native States.

If that wasn’t enough, a powerful railroad tycoon also wants the amulet—which is rumored to be cursed.

With danger always at their heels, can Cat and Hermes make it to the sacred lands and fulfill the fossils' quest?

From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the untouched plains of the West, one thing is clear: Cat’s summer will be anything but ordinary in this fun-filled, slightly nerdy steampunk fantasy Western.

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Praise for Thunder Girl:

"A fun and imaginative science fiction adventure" - Charming Script + Story, professional story analyst

"Sometimes, an author just nails it with their book... As I consumed it, my cheeks hurt from smiling nonstop... I adored this book. When I can't stop grinning while reading... the author did something right. This book just made me happy." - Benjamin Fife, audiobook narrator

"Impressive from the first paragraph to the last" - Amazon reviewer

"With well-researched facts about American history, an inspired dose of fantasy and sci-fi, and a story that knows exactly what it wants to do, Thunder Girl enters the market and reminds readers and authors alike what a healthy imagination can do! ... The entire experience with this book is joy... A glorious exercise in imagination by a talented author!" - J.K. Bailey, science fiction author

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