On Borrowed Wings


Published in 2017

Nimbus has just discovered the impossible: a giant robot hidden in the mountains of Poland. Her father wants nothing more to do with their find – or the mysterious corporation funding the expedition – but Nimbus believes she shares a connection with the robot. To find out, she’ll have to betray her father’s trust.

Life on the streets is tough, even for a teenager like Jacob. When he’s offered a position at Zenith Corporation, Jacob jumps at the chance. He’ll finally be able to make sure nobody does anything stupid or unfair again. And getting to pilot a giant robot? That’s just another perk.

Nikola Parshakian believes that people like himself deserve to control humanity, so he founded Zenith Corporation to do just that. He’s dedicated his life to uncovering the well-kept secrets of a vanished civilization. Now, at long last, his plan is coming to fruition.

And two teenagers will play a key role in it--but as a help or a hindrance?

Nimbus and Jacob are about to find themselves caught up in the science-fiction adventure thriller of a lifetime as they unlock their hidden potential, unravel the mysteries of a paradigm-shattering past, and fight for their ideals from inside winged titans of a forgotten era.

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Praise for On Borrowed Wings:

"Thoroughly engaging." - Amazon reviewer

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