Thursday, August 2, 2018

Time for updates!

First off, yes, I finished "Shadow Play!" It came in at 50,000 words, give or take a few. So I met my July NaNo goal! NaNo-ing is fun when you're working on a project you enjoy. :) My Neopets-stuff editor is looking at it right now, and then... everybody will have to wait another six months to actually read it. :)

Buuuut to make up for that, I have more awesome news! I spoke with my novel editor yesterday and she told me that she's going to get her notes on The Voyage of the Kaus Media back to me soon! Ahhhh I'm so excited! I've been re-reading the first draft, and I still think it's good, and filled with feels, and Jadia and Menlo are great. I'm going to finish and publish it ASAP--not sure exactly when that'll be, but it feels good to know that I can make more progress on it soon.

Stay tuned for more! I have some fanfic ideas I've been bouncing around, so I'll see when I can get to those. Right now I'm a little burnt out on writing. :)

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