Sunday, August 26, 2018

Concept sketches for a new My Little Pony fanfic idea I've been putting together! And by My Little Pony I mean Equestria Girls, because, gotta love canon alternate universes! It just opens up a whole new can of worms.

So, without giving away like the entire story, Radiant Dawn's and Ironclad's foals Titanium Twinkle and Argent travel to the EG universe for crazy human adventures. Except, this story takes place a hundred years before the show, so everything is Edwardian! Turns out when a unicorn-turned-alicorn and a pegasus get married, they have some oddball foals--Titanium is a brash, outgoing, spunky unicorn, and Argent is an introverted, thoughtful pegasus. Also his wings don't work in Equestria, which apparently translates in the EG universe into needing a wheelchair.

Nightwander is a freshman at Canterlot Senior High School who quickly latches on to the siblings, especially because Titanium Twinkle won't stop talking about a magical land full of rainbow-colored ponies and other fantastic sundry. Nightwander is a sort-of member of the school's fantasy club who wishes magic really existed in her world... and she'll go to great lengths to try to make it happen.

Well, I'm excited for this story, so hopefully it's something I can work on soon!

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