Friday, January 28, 2022

Finally, some artwork! Uggghhh I'm still in "brain drain" mode you guys. But I did manage to put together some very rough concept sketches for one of the main characters of my next novel!

This is Wix, a fairy warrior who rides her corgi mount Kinnyfan into battle because in the mortal world, she's only about the height of a human hand. One blustery day, she shows up in Scarborough, England in a desperate attempt to stop the invasion of the mortal realm by the usurper fairy queen, who is trying to find the magical artifact that will allow fairies to regain their full size - and full magic power - in the mortal realm.

Wix finds some unlikely allies in a trio of siblings on holiday and a middle-aged fantasy author, and although she is deeply distrustful of humans, these quirky mortals may be Wix's only chance at finding the long-lost true fairy king and saving both their worlds.

When designing the fairies in this book, I wanted to focus on making them look distinctly non-human. They're not just people with wings, they're a totally different class of creature, and while some fairies approach looking human, others can look drastically different--the ones that are more monstrous or grotesque in form are called goblins. Wix is one of the more human-looking fair folk, but on the quest to find the fairy king, the protagonists will also run into some highly unusual fairies, including quite possibly the ugliest thing to ever exist.


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