Monday, January 3, 2022

2022 road map

When I say "road map", please picture a very vague child's doodle.

May 2022 bring you many moments of joy and reasons to be grateful.

I thought this might be an appropriate time to discuss my tentative plans for this coming year.
As you know, I'm fresh off of publishing Blue Diver, and I'm still taking a bit of a mental health break after that big project. 

However, at some point in the near future, I'm going to make minor, mostly technical, revisions to The Voyage of the Kaus Media. I recently revisited it and while I think the story is still good, my prose has gotten much better in the past three years, and I'd really like to bring VotKM up to speed with my current writing.

After that, at some point, I will begin work on my next novel, a modern fantasy set in England. And partly in the fairy realm. I'm excited about this one because one of the main characters is on the autism spectrum, and people with ASD need more literary heroes like them. Oh, and snails are important. 🙂

Finally, although I have no solid timeline for all of this, depending on my schedule, later this year I would really like to get started on the sequel to Thunder Girl. If you enjoyed the original, I think you're going to love this brand new steampunk fantasy adventure that features a mummy's curse, a questionably human airship captain, and Australia's native fossils. Should be lots of fun. 

I'd like to thank you readers for your support and appreciation of my work. It brings me the greatest joy to see people enjoy something I've created, and it always makes my day when I hear how one of my books helped you de-stress or provided memorable quality time reading with your family. I feel so blessed and grateful that God has given me the ability to contribute to making this world a happier and more beautiful place through my art, and I look forward to more of the same in the coming year.

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