Friday, October 15, 2021

More pony designs! These are for my fanfic Radiant Dawn and the Pegasus Plot, which I will probably put on the blog after I'm done putting up all my Neopets stuff.

Red Tape is Princess Radiant Dawn's ever-helpful secretary who gets put in charge of running the kingdom of Daybreak while Radiant Dawn goes to help the pegasus city of Pelopponysus. Red Tape's special talent is bureaucracy, so she is a big help to the overworked princess.

Eclipse is a top officer in the Pelopponysian army. She has an interest in ancient Equestrian history, and is especially fascinated by alicorn magic. Éclair is a resident of Daybreak who runs a donut shop.

¡Viva Fiesta! (exclamation marks are part of her name) is a resident of Daybreak who is implied to be a distant relative of Pinkie Pie. If you're wondering why there's a running theme of pony OCs related to Pinkie Pie, all becomes clear in a subsequent fic. :)


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