Monday, June 21, 2021

Well, the Kickstarter campaign didn't pan out. But that's okay. It was my first time and I'm sure there's a lot I could have done better.

To show my appreciation to backers, I went ahead and put together one of the pledge prizes anyway: desktop backgrounds of Azimuth and Eloreth! I created the background as one image, and also split it into two separate images, to fit different monitor layouts.

I had a lot of fun drawing Az and Eloreth again; it's been a while, especially for Az. I removed a lot of the bells and whistles from my initial concept for him, which made him much easier to draw. I've learned a lot about mechanical design since then, and one of my cardinal rules is that if a design element isn't mechanically necessary, and is making the aesthetic too cluttered and complicated, it's got to go. I try to make designs that "read" well to the eye and also perform all necessary mechanical functions.

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