Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Pixeldust is OUT in both paperback and Kindle editions!

If you like nerdy science fantasy, please consider adding it to your list of summer reads! My editor says it's her favorite of my books so far, so I must be doing something right!

I'm a workaholic, so let's talk about what's next! I'm still putting chapters of Worth Searching For up on the blog as my schedule permits. I've been pretty busy hanging out with my niece. (She loves stargazing. I'm so psyched to get to share astronomy with somebody! We still haven't been able to see the comet, though. Good old big city light pollution.)

The novel I want to work on next is... the (long-awaited?) sequel to Skydwellers! I don't want to give away too much yet, but here's some teaser info:
  • It takes place six years after the events of Skydwellers.
  • Kieri and Miette, now teenagers, are the main characters, along with Fraa and Fraa's young nephew.
  • The tentative title is Earthkeepers, and the plot deals with discovering (more of) the ancient secrets behind the way the world of the books works, including the origins of the aether itself... however, there may be those who wish to use those secrets to selfishly gain power and control.
  • The antagonists will not be the Faemor, but a new group with connections to Miette; they tie in to one of the main themes of the plot, which is a discussion on how one's gifts and talents are used, and whether or not anyone else has any say in the matter.
  • I was partly inspired by my research into mathematical theory. Not to say the book will be over people's heads, just that I was sitting there reading about math, and wanted to write a book about mathematically-minded people and a battle between minds of a different nature than the one portrayed in Skydwellers.
I hope all of that sounds at least remotely interesting! I'm not sure when I'll start working on it, but I should probably make myself take a break from novel writing for at least a little while.

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