Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I've been meaning to get better with Corel Painter, so now that I've finished Pixeldust, I've finally had the time to sit and follow along with some Painter tutorials! I love all the stuff that program can do, and I need to keep learning how to bring out its full potential for my illustrations!

Today I was working on painting, so here's one of the teleportation crystals from Heroes of Avonell! They play an important role in the plot as the characters use them to quickly go from one area of the game to the next. Because I couldn't let the plot get bogged down by unbearably long travel times. (Of course, there are restrictions; you can only teleport to places your character has already been, and you can't teleport in the middle of a battle.)

This was an exercise in using the color blender tool in Painter; I've found it's a really great resource for when you're painting and need one color to transition into another, but don't have the color theory mastery to know what that should look like (such as the blue highlights here).

I'm looking forward to continuing to up my Painter game, and if I like the way any of my future doodles turn out, I'll share them here!

I'm also super excited to have the time to post more chapters of Worth Searching For! I actually did a rather substantial revision a little later in the story where I gave Isengrim a whole conversation that was not in previous versions, because I really felt I needed to explain more of his personality and give the reader a glimpse into what's going on inside his head. Hopefully it works well with the rest of the plot. I've had problems in the past with under-explaining things, but I also hate over-explaining things, so I'm hoping I've struck a good balance here.

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