Friday, July 3, 2020

I finished my revisions to Pixeldust and sent it to my proofreader! The proofreading process won't take as long as the story editing, but I still may post a chapter or two of Worth Searching For while I'm waiting, because I'm a workaholic like that. I feel like I've been working at an insane pace lately even for myself, but I'd really love to enter Pixeldust in Amazon's Kindle Storyteller contest, which is open to all books newly published within a certain date range. The deadline is the end of August, so I'm like internally screaming as I try to make sure I'm well within that deadline while also paying close attention to quality.

The good news is, after my proofreader gets back to me, the last things I need to do are the cover art and formatting the ebook and print editions, so things should move fairly quickly now. I'd work on the cover art while the manuscript is getting proofread... but even I need a break every now and again, and if I didn't make myself stop working at points, I'd probably short-circuit or something. Also my niece is in town and I want to hang out with her because she's hilarious. (She and her cousin were the inspiration for Maria Elena's and Balt's nephew in the book.)

I hope people enjoy Pixeldust! It is full of nerdy humor, gaming inside jokes, autocorrect fails, a grouchy minotaur, a wisecracking literal cat burglar, and tamales for Christmas.

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