Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Neopets fanfic Myers-Briggs personality list

I think this blog post wins the prize for nerdiest title on the blog. I'm not even mad.

But yeah, sometimes when you have a body of work with a large cast, you start to get to wondering if you can fill up an entire Myers-Briggs personality type chart with them! You should get some sort of very nerdy badge if you can. Turns out my Neopets cast qualifies! Where's my badge.

I could have made this a fancy chart, but I'm a little pressed for time and kind of should be working on a certain novel manuscript. (I may, however, update this post later with pictures. We'll see.) Figure out your Myers-Briggs personality type and then read through this list to discover which of my Neopets characters you're most like!

Please note that this list includes both original characters and my interpretations of canon characters who figure prominently in my work (such as the Werelupe King/Isengrim and Kass). Their personality types here are dictated by their personalities in my work, not necessarily how their personalities come across in canon material.

ISTJ - Hyren

Hard-working, loyal, and straightforward, you have solitary tendencies but care deeply for your loved ones, showing that care through protecting and providing for them. You are quite smart, but are not often recognized as an intellectual because you prefer to use your intelligence in practical ways rather than theorizing. You may have difficulty connecting with your own and others' emotions because of your logical approach to life, but you do your best to keep things running smoothly in your world.

ISFJ - Colonel Eris Cassegrain

Your incredible devotion and work ethic is matched only by your level of caring for those you work with and look out for. You know how to get a job done, but you are also friendly and considerate. It brings you the utmost satisfaction to be useful to others, and in return you only want their appreciation. This may mean you tend to overwork yourself for others' sake, so it's up to your friends and family to remind you to take time for yourself now and again.

INFJ - Terra

You are smart, quirky, and kindhearted, but tend to act reserved in social situations because other people's emotions - and your own very complex emotions - often burn you out quickly. You could be described as difficult to understand, and you have few friends because of this, but you cherish deep and authentic friendships more than casual socializing anyway. You fight valiantly and doggedly for your values, and are not to be underestimated despite your soft-spoken demeanor.

INTJ – Connor O'Keefe

Highly intelligent and innovative, you find people difficult to get along with but would rather be spending time with your own ideas anyway. You are fiercely independent and have difficulty accepting others' help, and work best in an environment where you are left to your own devices. Despite this, you enjoy coming up with beneficial ideas and usually work with a higher purpose in mind. In return, you just want to not be misunderstood.

ISTP - Sophix II

You crave excitement and fun, so you may sometimes come across as self-serving or capricious. However, it's more because you find spontaneity to be intellectually stimulating, and you are very good at quickly analyzing and reacting to any new situation. You are not naturally a people person, so you may experience some emotional disconnect in your social interactions, but you just need friends who accept you as you are and appreciate your unique strengths.

ISFP - Millie Browning

You are a kind and caring person who is also practical and responsible. You excel in nurturing and helping others, and dislike disorder and apathy. You enjoy peace and harmony in your environment and try to help others enjoy it too, which puts you at odds with people who are more extroverted with higher levels of social energy. However, they can count on you to be a steady presence throughout the rhythms of life.

INFP - Pharazon

A sensitive dreamer who enjoys the comforts of home and family, you are likely highly creative and intellectual. You shy away from conflict, but when push comes to shove you will defend that which is dear to you. Above all, you intensely dislike being told what to do, and desire the freedom to choose your own path in life, no matter how unconventional. You may feel unsure of yourself often, but when you find your confidence you are a force to be reckoned with.

INTP - Jhudora

To you, life is likely just one big interesting experiment, a complex exercise in problem-solving that you can immerse yourself in. For that reason, social interaction tends to get in your way more often than not, but you enjoy putting your intellectual skills to good use to help your friends. You march to your own beat and don't care much about how others perceive you because of it. That being said, when you enlist yourself in a cause, you can be a tremendous asset.

ESTP - Blynn

With boundless energy and a strong sense of intuition in the moment, you have a keen social savvy born less of empathy and more of having the intellect to swiftly comprehend any given situation. You enjoy the amusement that spontaneity brings and like being the life of the party or the class clown. You often surprise people with your lightning wit and ability to suddenly think outside the box, and although you may not be particularly warm, you love making your friends laugh.

ESFP - Lexora Browning

You have a profound zest for life and the wish to share that zest with everyone, and you may find it difficult to resist a good adventure. However, you are also very practical and down-to-earth, which helps ground those in your social circle who may be more prone to getting trapped in their own heads. Although you might usually put out a vibe of being responsible and level-headed, you do have a playful side that you aren't afraid to let out when it's appropriate.

ENFP - Alfred Browning

You are quick to become enthusiastic about anything that catches your interest--however, maintaining that enthusiasm can be a different story altogether, as you often jump into things and quickly get in over your head. Nevertheless, your upbeat energy is infectious, and others like being around you and including you because of this. You are a great team member who is very supportive of your friends and family.

ENTP - Simon Browning

You are always bursting with new ideas and love telling people about them and trying to enlist them in your cause. You are quite the enterprising individual and you have strong ambitions in your fields of interest. That being said, you may not enjoy leadership roles, preferring to work independently, although you do ask for constant feedback and support, and will take on followers when your plans deem it necessary.

ESTJ - Lady Celice Anfel

Some may mistake you for an introvert because of your intellectual tendencies, but you are not a recluse, and you rather enjoy ordering others around and being widely appreciated for your strengths and achievements. You run a tight ship both in your own life and your relationships with others, and sometimes this can come across as being too harsh and bossy, but it's really because you care about your friends' and family's well-being.

ESFJ - Lord Isengrim

You are congenial and reliable, with the ability to forge fast and strong friendships with just about anyone. However, you are also a people-pleaser, which means you often end up putting others' happiness first to your detriment, and can have difficulty finding faults in others even when it's necessary. That being said, you are a loyal and attentive friend and family member who is deeply and sincerely invested in taking care of others.

ENFJ - Lord Kass

You are a natural leader who governs with warmth and charisma, and you have the ability to successfully juggle logistical efficiency and seeing to others' emotional needs. Your deep sense of responsibility may tempt you at times to become a control freak, but you have the wisdom to keep yourself balanced and place the proper amount of trust in others. Few things please you more than being someone others can depend on and confide in.

ENTJ – Dr. Frank Sloth

You are an intellectual powerhouse brimming with ideas, but unlike most lone thinkers, you aren't reluctant to seize the spotlight and work with others to get your plans into motion. You are a master of strategy who is likely always at least ten steps ahead of everyone else mentally, and you can and do use that to your advantage in social situations. You are a powerful and memorable leader, so it is important that you use your many strengths for the right cause.


  1. For a long time whenever I took the MBTI test thing I was identified as ENTP. I took it again for the first time in a few years (Since I've been following what I WANT to do) and the T flipped to a very strong F. I found it interesting. Now that I'm truer to what I want to be doing, I'm less analytical & more feeling.

    1. That makes sense! I've always tested as an INFJ, but sometimes I find myself being so analytical that I wonder if I'm secretly an INTJ. However, considering that I am a highly empathetic person who hates arguing and takes others into consideration when making decisions, I think I'm pretty firmly an INFJ. They also tend to be very analytical; they're just ultimately very nice as well. My analytical side serves me well when I'm doing stuff like research and editing my writing.

      I also find your character match pretty amusing. Alfred is a 6-year-old boy who lives in a world styled after Edwardian England; Simon is his older brother who's always coming up with crazy schemes, and Lexora is their mom who has adventures with werewolves and the boys are jealous that they can't come. I wish I could hire you to narrate the stories they're from; I think you'd have a lot of fun with them (there's also space marines and sorcery). Shame they're fanfic. Maybe someday I'll rewrite them into original fiction.


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