Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I was hanging out with my art pupil and did some sketching with Prismacolor pencils and Copic markers!

She has a sketchbook full of fun highly-textured paper that colored pencils looked quite nice on! First off, portraits of Quinny and Lorik because that is my current project. Quinny is not amused by cliche fantasy video game plots.

And Lorik is intentionally ridiculous. Balt created him to be the most hardcore lit antihero like, ever. Which of course means 80's hair. This paper made Copics bleed like crazy, but that gave them a really interesting watercolor look, so I wasn't terribly mad. As my pupil said, "It's all part of the process".

I was also showing her how to combine marker and pencil for some really nice visuals, and drew a portrait of Eris to illustrate. Why yes, plenty of people do take her seriously despite being bright pink and three feet tall. :) She didn't earn the rank of colonel for nothing!

I don't do a whole lot with traditional media these days, so it was fun to play around with markers and pencils again!

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