Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! I've been really, really busy, mostly with things not involving writing or art. But I recently reconfigured my schedule to give myself more time for what is technically my job. Because I miss my job.

Work is progressing on the manuscript of Pixeldust! I'm 10,000 words in, and still in the setup part of the plot, and having way too much fun, and I think this one will end up being on the long side of things, but that's okay because I'm enjoying it. 

To make up for my long absence, here's some concept sketches I did of the final boss villain of Heroes of Avonell! This is Lord Zaragoz, a fearsome warrior who rules the blighted city of Caed Dhraos and its resident monsters. Except, he and the monsters are actually pretty nice, and just want to be left alone. And when Zaragoz discovers that he's just a character in a video game, he decides he's in charge of his own fate, and his life is what he wants it to be, not what it's been scripted to be. Unfortunately, some of the NPCs who are supposed to be heroes don't feel the same way about this startling revelation.


  1. aaa i need to remember to check this blog. good to see you still posting ^^ the concept of Lord Zaragoz sounds so cool! And I love his name haha. He looks awesome. Keep up the great work as always <3


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