Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year, everybody! Here's to a 2020 full of joy and peace and Mars rovers! (And don't forget, next year James Webb Space Telescope launches! Epic!)

Just wanted to drop an update on that Neopets fanfic--it's at 21,000 words now and I'm probably 2/3 of the way through the plot. I think half the reason it ended up this long was because Blynn started another Neoquest campaign. But I used it for some good character development so I think it works!

I don't want to say much more because of spoilers, but I think it's looking good so far and I'm excited to put it on the blog once I get the rest of my favorite fics up here (gotta stay in chronological order, after all, or else it doesn't make as much sense).

If you're just wondering when I'm going to get around to starting that novel, it is coming soon! I really hate leaving projects unfinished, so I'm going to wrap up this fanfic before starting on the stuff I get paid for.

On a little more mundane note, I changed up my "stories on the blog" tag to only include the first chapters of multi-chapter stories. This will help keep things neater and avoid spoilers for those trying to read the stories in order. I like to think of that tag as the functional equivalent of my old Petpage that was a directory of my Neopian Times writing. Except here on the blog, I'm only going to feature the good/important stories, because stuff like "A Noteworthy Adventure" is cringe-worthy and not representative of the main body of work. (Just like everything else I wrote as a teenager.)

Plus, at the beginning of every story I'll write a few paragraphs (i.e. a reasonably sized research paper) discussing my feelings about the story and how it came about. Y'know, for people who like that kind of thing. (Am I the only one who likes that kind of thing?)

That's really all I've got as far as updates--I've got some family in town for the holidays so I've been enjoying spending time with them.

Catch you later!

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