Monday, March 4, 2019

Today's writing notes:

Working on: Revising On Borrowed Wings

One pretty major alteration I've been making is to give Greg more of a character arc. There were hints of it previously, but I feel like his character development and his relationship with Nimbus were never firmly established enough for my liking, so I'm trying to give him more attention this time around. I want to make it clear that he's just a big engineering nerd who got so caught up in how awesome his job was that he found it too easy to kind of forget about the whole "helping someone take over the world" thing.

Meeting Nimbus and seeing personally how his actions were affecting others, however, helped Greg feel guilty about what he was doing, and when he realized Nimbus needed his help escaping, Greg immediately set about trying to make up for all the damage he had already caused. Although it doesn't make him any less socially awkward, he's brought to realize that people are an important part of life as well, not just work. That ends up helping him not only be a better friend to Nimbus, but then to Jacob when the boy desperately needs friends and good adult figures in his life.

Also, hopefully I didn't make Jacob too depressing! I feel bad for him every time I read this story. He's just a kid who needs good friends.

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