Sunday, May 13, 2018

I also found these cutesy cartoons of Eloreth and Azimuth from On Borrowed Wings, that I'd done ages ago. Augh I used to be so great with Prismacolor marker and now it's like I don't even bother anymore. Well, to be fair, those markers are expensive (deservedly so, but still, expensive), and smelly (which is less justifiable in my book), and take up more desk space than my computer which is always on my desk anyway.

At any rate, if you look closely at Eloreth you can see some aspects of her design that didn't make it into the design on the book cover. This was back when I thought I had to cram ridiculous amounts of bells and whistles into my robot designs, so when I re-designed her for the book cover, I cut out some extraneous elements.

Also, to be clear, the Armamants' faces don't move in the book--they look like stone statues, not Transformers (old-school). Also Az's eyes aren't red, but I messed up in coloring. Oh well, it makes him look more menacing.

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