About the Author

T. K. Arispe is an eccentric, fastidious, whimsical storycrafter who enjoys using unnecessarily complicated words to describe herself, and would like to assure you that she only uses self-portraits that are entirely realistic and accurate. 

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she has made it her mission to create fiction that is wholesome, uplifting, and fun for the whole family, including the thing that lives in your garbage disposal.

T. K. Arispe has an educational background in animation production for film and television, but was called away on urgent space paladin business, so she knew it was time to move on from a life of getting assignments done two weeks before the rest of the class. Now she pretends writing novels is her day job.

She lives at the churning heart of a distant quasar, but thankfully there is a local mall.

Also she has a cat and that's important.