I'm a storycrafter and picturesmith who's out to provide the world with fun, intelligent, uplifting media.

I strive for family-friendliness in everything I create because I believe entertainment should be wholesome, edifying, and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your last name?

That's a surprisingly complicated question. Most non-Spanish speakers pronounce it "ah-riss-pii". In Spanish orthography, S and Z are interchangeable, and Spanish speakers pronounce it "arrh-eez-pay". However, if you want to get really technical, my surname is of Basque origin and is pronounced in euskara (Basque) as "ha-ritz-pay".

Bottom line: Pronounce it however you want. I'll know you're talking about me.

[insert personal question]

That's not relevant to my work.

Are all your books part of a series?

No. With the exception of fanfiction that has gone on far longer than it should, I rarely write sequels or novel series. Skydwellers and Earthkeepers are my only novels so far that are related to each other. On my page listing my novels, I have tried to differentiate between novels that take place in separate fictional universes.

Are your books YA (young adult) fiction? Middle-grade? Adult?

Short answer: Sure.

Long answer: I purposely don't put age labels on my writing because I want readers of all ages to be able to enjoy and benefit from my work. I also don't want to limit or pigeonhole myself by trying to make my books fit whatever's trending as the "image" of a certain age genre. I just write what I like and make sure it's safe for kids. This is probably why publishers dislike me.

I also speak from the experience of being a kid with an advanced reading level who had difficulty finding literature that was intellectually stimulating, yet age-appropriate in terms of content.

If you want a general guideline, though, I'd say my books are most suitable for anybody over the age where they require pictures in their books.

Where do you get your ideas?

Mostly science, engineering, history, and technology. The universe is full of really interesting things that make me think "what if" and "that would be a fun adventure". I also use it as a springboard for puttering around with fictional technologies and trying to spread my enthusiasm for dinosaurs, black holes, and Canada.

In addition, I often want to tell a story about a character overcoming real types of challenges. I want my writing to offer hope and encouragement to those who are struggling with some of the same things the characters face and resolve.

Why don't you try to get your books published by a traditional publishing house?

I have tried. Publishers and agents aren't interested in my work because it's not what's trending. Also, the fiction market is crazy right now and publishers are hypercompetitive and practically in a state of desperation, and I'd rather not get caught up in that mess. Plus, I really hate the current trend of publishers expecting their authors to extensively self-promote and become social media celebrities, when I'd much rather be using my time and energy to actually do what my job description says: write books. I'm not keen on a publisher bossing me around, and I care much more about the artistic integrity of my work than I care about making money from it.

That said, if you are an agent or publisher who is a) actually interested in my books and b) going to treat me and my work with the respect we deserve, then by all means drop me a line and we can talk.

Will you read and critique my writing?

No, but through the magic of the Internet there are many places full of people who would love to do just that, and would probably do a much better job than I could. I recommend starting with the writing groups on Goodreads, or see if there's a local writing club/group in your area. Enjoy your writing journey!

Can you draw me such and such?

Maybe. Check out the different ways to get in touch with me and we can talk business.