Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Concept sketch for the  EX-β006 Karkadann from Blue Diver!

Blue Diver is still at the editor's, so I'm taking the opportunity to brush up on my art skills. I've been watching technical tutorials on YouTube and following along... with my own subject matter, of course. :) This sketch came about while watching a tutorial by vehicle designer Dwayne Vance.

The Karkadann is an experimental PT model, its primary weapon being a pair of arm-mounted laser ribbons for mid-range combat. Its computer is also equipped with sophisticated combat algorithms developed by a martial artist. As a result, the Karkadann is a highly technical PT that most Divers have difficulty handling--but Auva, a trained martial artist and test pilot hopeful who wants to make a living out of flying innovative vehicles, takes quickly to the Karkadann. It's a speedy, lightweight unit that also packs a powerful punch, with a tradeoff in the defense department.

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