Saturday, December 19, 2020

Which Earthkeepers character are you?

I hadn't done a personality quiz in a while, and thought it would be fun to see how people match up with the main characters from my upcoming novel!

Keep track of the letters of all of your answers, and tally them up at the end. The letter you got the most is which character resembles you most!

(If you have multiple answers for a question, that's totally okay! It means you're a blend of multiple characters and not very much like any one in particular.)

At a party, what are you most likely to be doing?

A. What party? I'm at home, reading.
B. Making friends with everyone.
C. Hosting.
D. Trying to socialize but feeling awkward.
E. Being in charge of the music.
F. Learning interesting things about people as I converse with them.

Do you like sports?

A. I find them interesting from an analytical and strategic viewpoint... but I'm terrible at actually playing.
B. Yes, I think sports are super fun!
C. Yes, sports are great exercise and a good way for me to challenge myself.
D. I enjoy sports. I may be a little shy, but I like being a team player and using my talents to contribute.
E. I'm not super interested in getting out there and actually playing. Coaching is more my thing.
F. I would not count sports as one of my hobbies.

What wouldn't you do for a friend?

A. Break rules.
B. Be mean to someone else.
C. Anything that's obviously a bad idea, whether or not a friend is involved.
D. Public speaking.
E. Lose who I am.
F. I'm not sure. I care so deeply about my friends that it's hard to imagine putting anything above them.

Which career sounds the most appealing to you?

A. Field researcher
B. Tour guide
C. Teacher
D. Professional athlete
E. Musician
F. Politician

What are your peers most likely to describe you as?

A. Intelligent
B. Friendly
C. Parental
D. Sweet
E. Quirky
F. Adventuresome

Which pet would you want most (or already have)?

A. Pets sound like too much trouble. Maybe a robot?
B. A super friendly dog
C. A horse
D. A cat
E. A bird
F. A racecar (do those count as pets?)

Which of these sounds like the most appealing place to live?

A. A sophisticated city with lots to do.
B. A countryside with lots of room to romp around.
C. Somewhere private and quiet where I can relax after a hard day's work.
D. Wherever my friends and family are.
E. Someplace really unique with lots of character.
F. An RV on an endless road trip.

In a roleplaying game, which job class would you most likely take for your character?

A. Wizard
B. Rogue
C. Paladin
D. Knight
E. Bard
F. Ranger

How would you sum up your fashion sense?

A. Classy and put-together.
B. What fashion sense?
C. Unique and eye-catching.
D. Sturdy and functional.
E. Comfortable and casual.
F. Decked out for an adventure!

What do you like doing when you go on vacation?

A. Visiting sites of historic or cultural interest to learn something new.
B. Having as much fun as possible.
C. Showing my friends around places I've already been.
D. Just going along for the ride and soaking it all in.
E. Checking out the local music scene.
F. Exploring everywhere.


Mostly A's

You are most like Miette, the main character of Earthkeepers! You are likely super smart and a little bit of a worrywart. While not the most sociable person, you appreciate the close friends you do have, as they help ground you when you get lost in your own head.

Mostly B's

You are like Kieri, Miette's BFF! You are outgoing and chipper and can make friends with just about anyone. People love you for these qualities, but you may also have a mischievous streak and aren't afraid to bend rules to get what you want.

Mostly C's

You are most like Fraa Stormcleaver, Miette's and Kieri's surrogate aunt! Responsible, hard-working, and warm, you are a powerful presence in the lives of your family and friends, who may look to you for guidance and advice. However, you also know how to have fun when the time is right.

Mostly D's

You most resemble Yonwin, Fraa's young nephew! You may feel shy and unsure of yourself at times, but you have inner strengths that make you a huge contributor to a cause. You dream big and have the ability to make those dreams come true, so long as you believe in yourself.

Mostly F's

You are like Eltas, the mysterious street musician! Your independence and free spirit is very important to you, and you hate people telling you what to do. You love creativity and the arts, and also have surprisingly good leadership skills when called upon.

Mostly E's

You are most like Zuben Elgenubi, the famed Graling folk hero! You are daring and driven, mostly by a love of adventure and expanding yours and others' horizons. Always on the go, always with at least one project in the works, you are a powerhouse of innovation and progress.

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