Friday, May 22, 2020

I finished the first draft of Pixeldust and sent it to my editor! I hope she enjoys it! I hope readers enjoy it! I am very tired! It came out to around 68,000 words. What a marathon!

I think I will go ahead and give myself as long of a break as I need until I get my editor's notes. I pushed myself really hard to finish, and now I'm feeling it. But it was worth it. 

Partly this is because my sister and 2-year-old niece are coming to stay with us while my brother-in-law goes on military deployment! I love my niece to bits (she's the one I drew that picture of Chewie for), and I want to make hanging out with my family my first priority, so if I could get Pixeldust published before they get here, that would be awesome. (Also me and my sister can be Nintendo Switch buddies! Gaming is much more affordable when there are two of you to split costs and share games.)

As for the other minor projects I talked about in my last post, I'm not quite sure when I'll be getting around to those, because I feel I should take some time to recuperate. I do still want to work on them, but right now I do need to turn my attention to taking care of myself.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from my editor and sharing Pixeldust with everybody!

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