Thursday, June 14, 2018

The long-awaited third edition of Skydwellers is available for digital download on Amazon and in paperback form through!

To reiterate, there are no changes in this edition that I would consider major--it's a revision, not a rewrite. :) If you've read either of the first two editions, by no means feel like you need to read this one, unless you're like me and enjoy analyzing textual differences. If you've never read Skydwellers before and are thinking about buying it, I can now wholeheartedly recommend it, as I feel I've brought it up to the same level as my newer work.

For the literary analysts, here's a run-down of what's different:

- Made the overall tone lighter and not as intense.
- Fixed the prose problems.
- Patched up plot holes and gave more of an explanation to plot/world elements that were previously too vague.
- Changed Mathchis's true appearance (because I'd thought of a better character design for her).
- Gave Pops a slightly larger role.
- Took out about 90% of the banter, because I have decided I like characters who are actually nice to each other.

As for what's next... still hoping to hear back soon from my editor on Voyage of the Kaus Media. I also think I've got enough material for that Neopian Times series I'd like to work on.

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