Monday, April 30, 2018

Today's writing notes:

Working on: Skydwellers third revision

I'm so pumped to finally be doing this! I'm glad I got my previous projects out of the way so I can totally devote my time and my mind to this. I want to make this book into something that I can feel good about having on Amazon/Lulu next to my newer stuff.

One major addition to this edition will be a pronunciation guide! Maybe it was kind of amateurish of me to create a high fantasy world with so many weird names, but rather than change the names I've grown so familiar with, hopefully a pronunciation guide will help readers. Although, maybe weird names help it feel more high-fantasy-ish? I tried to give each of the cultures their own unique sound through their names. Aehirim names tend to be breathy and nasal, Graling names are guttural, and Passerim names tend to be a bit more solid-sounding and no-nonsense.

Also, I'm going to have fun playing "watch the word count" like always. I'm predicting that this revision will end up being less words, because I notice in my older prose I tend to be overly wordy, so I think most of my prose edits will be taking out unnecessary verbiage.

One of my favorite things about the friendship between Rohui and Wilder is that Rohui acts like he's so much older than Wilder, but he's only four years older. They have a pretty standard brotherly relationship going on, where Rohui is the arrogant older brother and Wilder has to cut him down to size. Although, to be fair, when I was 15 I probably thought 19 was pretty grown-up, and when I was 19 I probably thought of 15-year-olds as kids. So I can understand Rohui's attitude.

Also my other favorite thing is that they don't actually like each other all that much, but over the course of the story come to mutually realize how much they help each other, and they do care about each other's well-being because they're decent people. Of course, they still fight like brothers all the time. It's like a buddy comedy without the buddy part.

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