Monday, April 30, 2018

Some art finally! :) I have not been art-ing a lot lately. (At least not in my spare time.)

Pharazon looking... considerably more hardcore than usual. Well, it must be remembered that he is a wizard, albeit a very shy and retiring one. Who knows what sort of adventures he's going to get into with his unsettling new Haunted Woods implement. But my next story will probably not be about that because it's much more fun to try to track down a crime lord without the aid of the family magician. :) (Pharazon is always unavailable at the worst times, I swear.)

Also, thinking about revising Skydwellers got me wanting to draw some of the characters again! Specifically Fraa, because I never really pinned down a good design for her, but I like this one.

Fraa is fantastic, definitely one of my favorite characters to write in that book. Gotta love slightly eccentric middle-aged goblin warrior ladies. :) I think it's really sweet how she becomes sort of a surrogate aunt to Kieri and Miette, and even Mathchis. Kind of the whole undertone of the book is that Rohui is an idiot and the girls are stuck cleaning up after his messes. :)

I had fun with the idea of Rohui as the "unreliable protagonist"--he's one of the main characters by virtue of being in the middle of everything going on, and a large amount of the story is told through his point of view, but he's not only really useless most of the time, but a lot of what happens is his fault to begin with. Hopefully that tongue-in-cheek theme came across okay in the actual book--if not, I'm certainly going to try to make it clearer in my revision.

Kieri's pet Thiswhit is basically what you'd get if you combined a Maltese with a stoat, with about the personality to match.

Finally a happy napping cynodont, just because. I bet they were really fuzzy and adorable.

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