Saturday, March 3, 2018

Today's writing notes:

Working on: Revising "Worth Fighting For" for FFN

You know I'm hooked on a project when I keep working on it on Saturdays! Plus, I heard back from my client for the kids' book, so I'm going to be working more on that starting Monday. I may as well get some editing time in while I can.

Pharazon's story arc requires substantially less editing than Terra's and Isengrim's, so that's kind of a relief. One thing I want to point out is that Suhel isn't trying to be cruel, she's just a big tease. She tends to assume the "bossy older sister" role in friendships, but she really does care about Pharazon--as evidenced when she bravely follows him and Skoll to the Well of Souls, despite her intense phobia of magic, because she is worried about what Skoll is getting Pharazon into.

I had way, waaaaay too much fun writing Skoll. He's supposed to be giving off warning signals if you read between the lines of what he says to Pharazon--for example, he blatantly lies about the other Werelupes to feed Pharazon's prejudice against them, and also feeds into Pharazon's self-pity in ways that look superficially sympathetic, but actually just make Pharazon feel more victimized, angry, and embittered against the Werelupes and even his own family. Interestingly, the magical training he gives Pharazon is solid, but Skoll's mistake was that he assumed Pharazon would never have the backbone to stick up for himself and use that magic against Skoll. Skoll was just trying to gain Pharazon's trust so he could use the Draik to power the Well of Souls. Hmmm, come to think of it, this story has a lot of lessons about trust.

Annnndddd we're back to under 93,000 words, because I nearly completely altered Terra's and Isengrim's heart-to-heart near the middle of the story. I think their character arcs make much more sense now, though.

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