Monday, March 12, 2018

Today's writing notes:

Working on: Finishing revisions on "Worth Searching For"!

Apologies if you're getting tired of these. But the good news is, I'm done! :)

The most major change in the latter half of this story has been a different dynamic between Hyren and Isengrim. In the original, they were at each other's throats constantly, and the only thing keeping them from attempting to fight to the death was that they both wanted to save Terra.

The revision takes a bit of a different spin on it. This time around, Isengrim is truly trying to be nicer - and he would never want to hurt another of Terra's Neopets, no matter how much they annoy him - and overall he's much less vitriolic and sarcastic. He is also sincerely apologetic to Hyren, but now it's Hyren who becomes a bit antagonistic as he's having difficulty forgiving Isengrim. Finally, when he saves Isengrim's life during the Battle of Sweetwater Fields, Hyren realizes that holding on to his anger and hate isn't helping anyone--and if Terra sees some good in Isengrim, that's a good enough reason for Hyren to protect him. Also Isengrim just saved Hyren's life, which makes Hyren realize what a jerk he's been to someone who's truly trying to make up for what they did.

Another major change during the climax is that Isengrim tries to reason with Skoll, which again shows how far Isengrim's come--having been on the receiving end of forgiveness, Isengrim understands the importance of forgiving others and trying to help them, rather than just destroying them outright.

Finally, I really changed around the conversation at the end in order to fit better with the revised character arcs, and put the resolution of Hyren's insecurity at the very end, because pacing-wise it seemed to make the most sense there.

All right, I'm handing this one off to my proofreader, and then I should have it up on FFN and a petpage soon!

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