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Which one of my Neopets characters would make the best friend for you?

Time for another personality quiz! Because they are as fun to write as they are to take, am I right?

Answer these questions and see which of my cast of Neopets OCs would be the best friend fit for you! Keep track of the letters of your answers, and at the end, the letters you got the most of will tell you who you would most enjoy a friendship with! (Choosing more than one answer per question is totally okay--you can be friends with more than one person, after all!)

What is your favorite Neopian world?

A. Roo Island
B. Virtupets Space Station
C. Altador
D. Haunted Woods
E. Brightvale

When faced with danger, you:

A. Strategize.
B. Follow along with someone else who seems to know what they're doing.
C. Face it bravely while looking out for others caught in the situation.
D. Try to find a diplomatic way out of the situation that will help everyone involved.
E. Hide.

Your idea of a perfect day with a friend is:

A. Going to an amusement park and riding all the thrill rides.
B. Going on a hike.
C. Spending all day at the bookstore or the library.
D. Honestly, as long as we're hanging out together I don't care much what we're doing.
E. Clothes shopping!

Which fictional character would you most like to be friends with?

A. Peter Pan. Fun all the time? Never growing up? Yes please!
B. Severus Snape. He's grumpy because he cares.
C. Frodo Baggins. I tend to get along best with sensitive intellectual types.
D. Katara. I really admire her protective nature and firm convictions.
E. Twilight Sparkle. I like her rational approach to life.

Which quality is most important in a friend to you?

A. A sense of humor. I need a friend who can make me laugh.
B. Dependability. I have to know my friend's always got my back.
C. Being a good listener. I like being able to pour out my feelings to somebody who won't judge me.
D. Empathy. Because I'm always looking out for my friends, I expect them to do the same.
E. Class. My friends need to have a sense of decorum and sophistication.

Which quality do you think your friends like most about you?

A. I always laugh at their jokes and I know how to have fun.
B. I'm not pushy or in their face all the time; I know how to give them plenty of space.
C. I'm a strong person they can rely on to lead them.
D. I love them unconditionally and support them unwaveringly.
E. I'm on their level and I don't embarrass them.

What are you usually doing at social events?

A. Seeking out whoever's having the most fun--or creating fun myself!
B. Not being at social events.
C. Helping the wallflowers come out of their shells.
D. Sticking close to my friends, because they're what make social events fun.
E. Chatting with everyone--it's a great networking opportunity!

Which of these is the biggest friendship dealbreaker for you?

A. When someone gets grumpy about everything.
B. Shallowness.
C. Someone who butts heads with me and always wants to be in charge.
D. Sociopathy.
E. Truly weak-willed people who expect others to solve their problems for them.

What is your favorite part about Neopets?

A. The games! Fun for days!
B. The Battledome! I love proving my prowess in battle and showing off my might!
C. The plots! I love solving tricky puzzles and figuring out mysteries!
D. The socializing! I've met so many great friends on the site!
E. Customization! Dressing up my Neopets shows off my sense of style!

Your circle of friends can best be described as:

A. A large number of friends you just enjoy having fun with.
B. Extremely small, comprised only of people I trust.
C. A small group of people who share my interests.
D. A few very close friends who are like family.
E. People I work with.

If you got:

Mostly A's: Your Neopets friend would be Blynn! Her vivid sense of humor and wacky antics always make her the life of the party, and she would have endless fun making you laugh. The two of you would also have a great time pulling pranks and getting into all sorts of trouble. You can count on Blynn to always cheer you up!

Mostly B's: Hyren would be the best friend-fit for you! Responsible and reliable, you know he'd always have your back, even if he's not the most socially vivacious person on the planet. Being an introvert himself, Hyren would understand that you need a lot of space and time to yourself, and would be a very low-key person to hang out with. However, he's also great if you ever want to hear a lot of old war stories.

Mostly C's: You'd get along best with Pharazon! You would probably find a kindred bookworm soul in this faerie Draik, and the two of you would spend hours researching and reading just for the fun of it. You can also trust that he won't try to drag you into any crazy adventures--peace and quiet is the name of his game. Look forward to lots of pleasant afternoons in the library with your new friend!

Mostly D's: Looks like you and Isengrim would get along great! You likely have the empathy and open-mindedness to look past his idiosyncracies and appreciate the Werelupe King's leadership skills and tenacity. In return he would open up to you and provide you with plenty of company, whether it's just the two of you on an adventure or if you're hanging out with his entire pack.

Mostly E's: You and Celice Anfel would get along smashingly! The two of you would always be off on some magical research project, while making sure to look your best in the process. You'd find yourself hobnobbing with Brightvale's intellectual elites, and Celice would have plenty of witty asides to make you chuckle. Her strong will and fierce approach to life will also help bolster your own bravery--she won't let you get away with cowardice.

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