Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Today's writing notes:

Working on: Neoquest: The Shadow of Takeryuu (Neopian Time story series)

- It's so fun to write Eun-ji being hardcore. She's so friendly and laid-back most of the time, I think it's nice to remind readers that she is not to be messed with.

- When I write fight scenes, sometimes I have to choreograph the combat by pantomiming it myself, in order to make sure all the movement makes sense. I'm sure anybody who happens to pass by my window probably wonders what I am doing flailing my arms around.

- Whooo another battle scene! I could have gone with a cop-out of the main characters just talking sense into this antagonist, but despite how difficult fight scenes are, I just thought it would be super fun to have a ridiculous battle between a dark faerie, an energy-manipulating Vandagyre, a magically-strong Lupe, a golem-creating Kougra, and an Aisha with an enchanted pudao and an attitude. 

Also, if you keep in mind that this is the prose version of Blynn's Neoquest campaign, what probably happened was that Terra tried to be diplomatic but then Isengrim, Hyren, and Celice thought it would be more fun to pick a fight. Because that happens all the time in real D&D campaigns--you've got the one person who earnestly wants to resolve conflicts peacefully, and then there's the rest of the party who has more fun with the combat system than anything else in the game. 

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