Monday, March 11, 2024

Updates have been kind of sparse because I've been busy, and because it's been really snowy here which has impeded my ability to get to the museum to sketch. And also because I am - I think understandably - a bit miffed that people don't seem to be paying attention to my work despite my best efforts, so I'm not exactly feeling super motivated to produce/post more of it.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I said I'd be uploading more old art, so here are a few pieces I submitted to the Art Gallery on Neopets. I can't remember which of them actually got in, and unfortunately the AG does not have a function to search submissions by username like the Neopian Times does, but if you're feeling really bored, you can go through the thousands of AG pages and try to find these. 

This is how Blynn solves the Negg Cave puzzle. She's not really interested in being normal.

A clever way to lose friends quickly.

Mostly I just wanted to have fun painting the Ghost Lupe's flowy ghost tendrils. Ah, the joys of obscure and underutilized canon characters.

Okay but when will that storm on Lutari Island ever end? (For those not in the know, this is the in-universe excuse for why an area exclusive to a dead mobile app can't be accessed on the website.)

Grey Neopets and Petpets are just not my thing at all, but Grey Day was coming up, so. Although, Millie Browning from my fanfics is a Grey Ogrin (albeit a non-emo one). And I did have fun incorporating the lore of Grey Faeries into The Spirit of Black Keep.

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