Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New feature! I realized that if you're reading my Neopets fanfiction on this blog, even though they're all collected under the "stories on the blog" tag, it can still get a bit messy as there are also unrelated stories in there, and they're all in reverse chronological order.

So, I created a dedicated page listing all of the Neopets fics currently on the blog! (This definitely isn't all of them--more are coming as I have the time and energy to revise them, create the necessary illustrations, and post them.)

You can access this page from the bottom of any Neopets fanfic blog post. I'm also working on getting it onto the sidebar for quick direct access. Now you can enjoy all of the fics from one central location, in the correct order! (Many of the fics skip around somewhat in canonical time as they cover characters' backstories and such, but I think they're best enjoyed and make the most sense in the order they were written.)

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