Tuesday, May 25, 2021

22 days to go in my Kickstarter audiobook campaign, and here's the add-on reveal! I'm offering the ability to purchase any of my Kindle ebooks for just $1--that's $2 off regular retail price! I'm also offering signed paperback copies! The ebooks are available at all prize tiers, while the paperbacks are only available at the tiers that include physical prizes--although this is subject to change if enough people ask me nicely. 🙂

If you're at all interested in what this project is trying to do - whether or not you've pledged - it would be awesome if you could please help me spread the word through your own social media channels and telling interested friends and associates! My own social circles are small, so I could really use the help of my enthusiastic readers to help widen the reach of this project. I think we can do this if we all work together!

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