Thursday, January 21, 2021

While I'm waiting for my proofreader to finish going through Earthkeepers, I've gotten started on that cute fun Neopets fanfic! Spoilers: Sophix and Eris are in it. Also spoilers: now-Commander Cassegrain is on military leave, while Sophix is pretty much financially set for life after the events of Worth Returning For so she only has to work if she wants to. (Which she probably does still want to because she seems to enjoy her job.)

Anyway, I found myself with some doodling time and just had to do some concept sketches of these two gals kicking back at Terra's house for a fun holiday full of Neoquest and friends and food. And probably some trips to the beach. Yayyyy for happy fun times after you've saved the galaxy. :) Also, it's just nice to portray these two getting along so well after they were enemies in the first part of Worth Returning For. Friendship is magic!

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