Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 My church's general conference is coming soon! 

I invite you all to watch as God's living prophet on the Earth today, and other leaders of my church, deliver divine instruction, guidance, and reassurance. In these times when it seems like things have been turned upside-down, I feel so strengthened and fortified by knowing that God is there and can and will help us through anything and everything. And one way that He does that is through telling us His will and His word through His appointed servants.

As you watch the conference, I suggest you listen closely for anything that may address or answer questions or struggles you have been dealing with. There is truly something in each conference for everyone. And be sure to listen for God's inspiration in your own heart and mind as well! I promise you it will come as you listen for it and are willing to receive it.

The world may be weird right now, but we don't ever have to go through it alone when we have God by our side.

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