Monday, May 9, 2022

Hi all,

Just wanted to give another update. I'm still feeling under the weather and trying to work my way back to getting the stamina for creating. In the meantime I've been giving myself plenty of TLC by watching lots of vintage episodes of The Sky at Night and re-playing Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I can't be the only one who feels like a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon mobile game would be awesome. I love that series. Also, after playing games on the Nintendo Switch for so long, playing the (regular, non-XL) 3DS with its 3.5-inch screen feels like I'm squinting at legal fine print. How did we ever think those were good graphics?! (Remember when Pong was good graphics?!)

Okay, that's enough gamer ranting. Just wanted to check in and let everybody know that I may be off the radar for a bit as I regain my health. I am definitely still planning on uploading more Neopets fanfic someday, just not sure when.

But for now, video games.

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