Thursday, March 11, 2021

Pixeldust blog tour, day 4

Huge thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for organizing this blog tour for me!

Note: I am not responsible for the content of these third-party websites, and some of them may be unsuitable for a younger or sensitive audience. I have linked directly to the posts for my blog tour, but please browse the rest of the site at your own discretion.

"Pixeldust will appeal to the children/grand children of my friends and especially those with girls who inform me that there aren't that many books in the Urban Fantasy genre that feature female characters quite as prominently or, more importantly, as positively."

"Pixeldust is the coolest book I’ve read in 2021, so far."

Hearthside Storytelling - this blog doesn't appear to be working right now, but I will update this post when that changes!

Book after Book - excerpt

Maria Elena’s player character has been reset by the programmers for using magic to tamper with the game’s code in an attempt to stop some out-of-control non-player characters. She logs into the game and her character Quinny meets up with her brother’s character Lorik, as well as their NPC friend, the master thief Marlowe. Marlowe can help Quinny get her magic back—but right now the thief is dealing with an identity crisis, as she’s found out that she’s just an artificial intelligence.

Mai's Musings - guest post

"Growing up, I never rooted for the villains, but I sure felt sorry for them."

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