Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Pixeldust blog tour, day 2

Huge thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for organizing this blog tour for me!

Note: I am not responsible for the content of these third-party websites, and some of them may be unsuitable for a younger or sensitive audience. I have linked directly to the posts for my blog tour, but please browse the rest of the site at your own discretion.

"I am so glad to have had the chance to read this and really hope you give it a go too!" 

"Pixeldust is inspired by my fond memories of growing up playing video games with my siblings. Like Maria Elena, I found myself more interested in helping video game villains resolve their issues instead of fighting them, and it frustrated me that video game plotlines always led to boss battles. I thought it would be fun to mess with that cliché and some other ones besides."

Maria Elena has started playing the hit video game Heroes of Avonell and created her player character, Quinny. Unfortunately, the plotline and non-player characters she encounters are painfully cliché and uninteresting. Quinny has begun to regret buying the game—and then she finds a glitch that takes her somewhere completely different...

"This is a fizzy, exciting triumph of a book." 

Lecari.co.uk - review

"I really enjoyed the story and it was incredibly fun and original." 

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