Monday, March 8, 2021

Pixeldust blog tour, day 1

Huge thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for organizing this blog tour for me!

Note: I am not responsible for the content of these third-party websites, and some of them may be unsuitable for a younger or sensitive audience. I have linked directly to the posts for my blog tour, but please browse the rest of the site at your own discretion.

"T.K. Arispe gives a fresh perspective on the typical RPG tropes, in a sci-fi/fantasy adventure that gamers – especially fans of The Elder Scrolls or World of Warcraft – will enjoy and identify with."

also any time my writing is favorably compared to Terry Pratchett's I feel like I have accomplished a life goal

"A charming and gentle adventure story"

B for Bookreview - interview

"Once I wrote a story that I got so into, I had to keep a notebook by my bed because the story was all I could think about as I was going to sleep and waking up, and I had to scribble down everything I brainstormed so I wouldn’t forget it when I went to sleep or started the day." (psst--that story was Worth Searching For, if you're curious)

"I can imagine this is a scenario a gamer would love and perhaps quite a few readers too, when the fantasy is real and being able to immerse yourself into the game is a reality."

donnasbookblog - interview

"If you could sell this book in one sentence what would it be? 

Gamer heroes, grouchy minotaurs, and tamales for Christmas."

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